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Extreme Pizza! RKVC Meets DreaMedia Productions – #Troublemakers Ep. 1

extreme pizza, rkvc, dreamedia productions

Extreme Pizza! RKVC Meets DreaMedia Productions – #Troublemakers Ep. 1 The Rod Kim & Vince Cirino Self Deprecating RKVC Pop Rock Pop Up Videos.

Extreme Pizza! RKVC Meets DreaMedia Productions – #Troublemakers Ep. 1

extreme pizza, rkvc, dreamedia productionsIt’s a start of a new chapter for RKVC when they bump into DreaMedia Productions in front of Extreme Pizza! If Extreme Pizza looks familiar, it’s because Rod Kim and Vince Cirino filmed their cameo for the Maroon 5 music video “Daylight”. While trying to film another DIY video in front of Extreme Pizza using their iPhones to capture video, RKVC runs into Bill Shahan and James Ventin of DreaMedia Productions filming in HD. This is a new chapter starting the YouTube miniseries #Troublemakers. Every Wednesday will feature a brand new episode of wacky adventures that’ll make you laugh and cry and maybe dance. Making the transition from amateur lo-fi iPhone video to pro hi-res, the adventures of RKVC are about to take a jump from reality to the world through their eyes.

Extreme Pizza begins their origin story and literally bumping into each other. At Extreme Pizza, they’re always experimenting with new ways to test the palette, to push the pizza experience to a higher level. And because they’ve received such raving support from their customers and food critics, they have made the sky their limit as to what they can create on their canvas crust.

DreaMedia Productions is an “end-to-end” creative services production company. They work with organizations and individuals across the private, public, and government sectors. Founded in 2009, DreaMedia Productions has since gained national exposure through a variety of projects.

With the new YouTube miniseries #Troublemakers, Rod Kim and Vince Cirino team up with Bill Shahan and James Ventin of DreaMedia Productions. Extreme Pizza is where this new chapter started. Be sure to subscribe and check back for new episodes every Wednesday!

The Self-Deprecating Romantic Pop Rock Duo of Rod Kim & Vince Cirino bridges the gap between songs of heartbreak and love without making you want to jump off that bridge. Rod Kim & Vince Cirino: Mixing the feel & soul of the singer/songwriter genre with a noncommittal love for modern electronic pop.

For more on RKVC as well as Rod and Vince’s music, downloads, performances, schedules, videos, blogs and anything else you could possibly want to know about these guys, visit: http://rkvc.net/ or http://rodkimrocks.com/

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