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Female Assassins: The Gathering @ Extreme Pizza Pt.1 – Extra Features.

female assassins, silhouettes, RKVC

Female Assassins: The Gathering @ Extreme Pizza Pt.1 – Extra Features. The Rod Kim & Vince Cirino Self Deprecating RKVC Pop Rock Pop Up Videos.

Female Assassins: The Gathering @ Extreme Pizza Pt.1 – Extra Features.

female assassins, silhouettes, RKVCWhat happens when a group of female assassins get together for the gathering at Extreme Pizza? Watch here to find out! In this week’s extra features, we listen in on the gathering of female assassins Extreme Pizza. Six of the twelve original eyepatch female assassins reflect on their experiences filming and working with RKVC and DreaMedia Productions. Extreme Pizza was home to several episodes of the miniseries and welcomed back the cameo cast of female assassins.

Sit in with Lori Citro, Bodhilynn, Jessica Graae, Peggy Henry, Jenn Phillips and Nancy Huebner as they reflect on their memories in season one of #Troublemakers. RKVC was incredibly fortunate to have all of these lovely ladies be a part of the series. The gathering at Extreme Pizza saw good times, great food and great drinks (along with some mean cherry cordial Hershey’s Kisses)! Make sure to visit each of these female assassins on the web and their various artistic ventures some are actresses, most are musicians and some are both! Many X’s and O’s from RKVC to the female assassins!

DreaMedia Productions is an “end-to-end” creative services production company. They work with organizations and individuals across the private, public, and government sectors. Founded in 2009, DreaMedia Productions has since gained national exposure through a variety of projects.

As our heroes in the YouTube miniseries #Troublemakers continue their adventure, you can check out this scoring session and join the female assassins from the first season of #Troublemakers! They’ve escaped the mysterious villains and learned the truth behind Charley. Be sure to subscribe and check back for another look behind the scenes next Wednesday! Season Two of #Troublemakers is coming early 2014!

The Self-Deprecating Romantic Pop Rock Duo of Rod Kim & Vince Cirino bridges the gap between songs of heartbreak and love without making you want to jump off that bridge. Rod Kim & Vince Cirino: Mixing the feel & soul of the singer/songwriter genre with a noncommittal love for modern electronic pop.

For more on RKVC as well as Rod and Vince’s music, downloads, performances, schedules, videos, blogs and anything else you could possibly want to know about these guys, visit: http://rkvc.net/ or http://rodkimrocks.com/

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