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Rihanna’s Dress, 50 Cent Mets And More! – Weekend Lifeline 6.06.2014.

Rihanna's Dress, 50 Cent Mets, RKVC, Lifeline

Rihanna’s Dress, 50 Cent Mets And More! – Weekend Lifeline  6.06.2014. The Rod Kim & Vince Cirino Self Deprecating RKVC Pop Rock Pop Up Videos.

Rihanna’s Dress, 50 Cent Mets And More! – Weekend Lifeline  6.06.2014.

Rihanna's Dress, 50 Cent Mets, RKVC, LifelineThe CFDA’s Fashion Icon Of The Year went to Rihanna’s dress! She was shinning bright with more than 200,00 Swarovski crystals making up her sheer dress that left little to the imagination and nothing else. 50 cent Mets pitcher of the year award goes to Lana on feminism. Rihanna’s dress never lies and nether does Pharrell and his Elle Magazine cover. We thought it was awesome. Apparently not many did. The Beastie Boys sue Monster Energy for there right to, well Copyright law. After all, 1.7 million settlement is cool too.

In a recent interview with Lana Del Rey she opened up on what we like to call Lana On Feminism! She beautifully stated that she is just not really interested in it. She continues with her interest of spaceX, tesla and the possibilities of intergalactic travel. One Thing that will never change is the image of Rihanna’s dress shimmering about. The 50 cent mets game starts with the first pitch. He attempted to throw the ball but found himself at a lose for words. Later on in an interview he said he suffered an injury due to excessive masturbation. We love Rihanna’s Dress very much!

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