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Short Playlist Review: 5 Pop Rock / Slow Rock Songs About Cities

Short Playlist Review: 5 Pop Rock / Slow Rock Songs About Cities

Okay, so let’s just sing songs about cities to let feelings out, from ‘moving on’ moments to sad Christmas days to funky moods. Here are five suggestions which are pretty recent in relation to previous decades. Each item is arranged in a format of song title | artist | album for easy reference.

stock-841436_1920Boston | Augustana | All the Stars and Boulevards

We remember playing this one on repeat back in the day. We forgot all about it until news spread out that the band’s frontman had left to go solo and moved to Tennessee. To be honest, we kind of expected it to be Boston, but even if he didn’t follow his own lyrics, the song is still a classic hit.

Berlin | Snow Patrol | Fallen Empires

Don’t you love instrumentals every once in a while? This tune is great for relaxing. We really don’t have even the faintest idea why it’s titled Berlin, but then we’re not that familiar with native Berlin music so that might be the root or inspiration behind it. Regardless, Snow Patrol makes great music and this one is no exception.

Hamburg Song | Keane | Under the Iron Sea

Another German city titled song, but this one hits the feels more with its lyrics. Why do songs about German cities sound depressive? Seriously though, the emotions associated with Hamburg Song runs pretty deep, as it’s about a past conflict between the band’s vocalist and pianist.

Christmas in LA | The Killers | (RED) Christmas

It’s September and it’s near to December so the happy holiday season is here once again. This song is on the opposite side, however, and hits the feels with lyrics like, “don’t know if I can take another Christmas in LA, another pitcher of Sangria in an empty beach café.” It’s like you’re feeling that sad alone time, but hey, share that pitcher with us any day. Kidding aside, the song is good, full of substance and is actually about the meaning of life.

New York City | Lenny Kravitz | Strut

NYC is the city that never sleeps, but this time, it’s the city that never ceases to influence singers. Lenny Kravitz’s New York City, his homage to his hometown, has all the components to make you think you’re strutting along the busy streets of NYC.

The guitar riff and bassline is groovy, and the lyrics are on the positive side in this one. It’s good to pop it in as you wake up in the morning.

Music really can evoke emotions deep within a person and influence mood. For example, in a previous post we did a video blog about Yestercon. We saw toys and other collectibles based on shows in the 80s and 90s such as Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles and X-Men, and they gave us a big dose of nostalgia. Certainly, one other aspect that triggers the same effect is the theme song of every show. The moment we hear the opening theme of X-men for instance, we take a trip back down memory lane to our childhood. We even sing along or hum the tune with ourselves or with buddies.

Likewise, other TV series titles have their own music theme. Game shows also employ the same strategy like in Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, and Deal or No Deal to bring out a sense of mystery and excitement for participants as well as viewers. Tie-ups of these syndicated game shows with other games such as Slingo and arcade machines also have tunes with similar vibes. Ultimately, the goal is the same, which is to get the player pumped up, liven his/her mood and provide entertainment. On another note, movies even have full lists of songs called OSTs.

All in all, that’s why bands, artists and composers make music: to express their emotions and instill these unto the listeners, whether deliberately or not. Adele, for one, made such highly emotional songs out of her pain and heartbreaks, and the listeners feel that sadness, too, whenever they play her tracks. Today, we shared a few titles with you, hopefully not to make you sad, but to let you hear and feel some wonderful music. Happy listening!

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