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7 Types of Producers

Types of Producers! What types of producers are there? Music producers and record producers come in all kinds! Here’s seven different kinds of producers! When you’re in the recording studio, you’re in a closed space with a producer or few. What are the different types of producers you’ve run into? Functions of a Producer A […]

This video is NSFW. (ft. Granny PottyMouth) 🙊 RKVC and the GPM Rappin’ Granny! #GrannyRaps

Granny PottyMouth, The GPM, RKVC, This video is NSFW
Granny PottyMouth, The GPM, RKVC, This video is NSFW

Granny PottyMouth is the best! The GPM helped us write some rap tunes! Rappin’ granny yo! Granny raps better than Granny G! Subscribe!→ http://bit.ly/subscriberkvc Here’s a vlog about our day filming with the notorious Granny PottyMouth! Be sure and check out the full video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyMKLtIUBrk&index=53&list=PLSFj_9cN-pzVDnnXn4MsdKxkBYImLEn-9 Subscribe and Follow Granny PottyMouth! YouTube: http://bit.ly/299TbXk Facebook: http://bit.ly/299TukG […]

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