“Things are different now,”  affirms music mainstay Vince Cirino, “I’ve been blindsided so many times in this business that I’ve found myself with no credit and even less respect…until now.  I’ve finally found something that works”.

Though the talent and creativity of producer/ songwriter/ multi-instrumentalist Vince Cirino can be heard on hundreds of studio recordings in nearly every genre, his credit for most of these projects have been quietly omitted.  Many of these records can be heard on network television shows and even charted on the Billboard Top 40, but none mention their creator and/or contributor.  Add to that a number of failed bands Vince had played in and attempted to inspire a higher standard, and this would seem like the end of the road for most.

But those were younger days, to live and learn and now never get burned again.  His works stand for themselves.  Even without due credit, Cirino’s past creations and contributions continue to succeed, as do works in this new chapter.

Last year, Vince brought best friend and bandmate, Rod Kim out of a long bout of depression and back into songwriting.  In this time, Vince also gained a new perspective on himself and the values of his works.  Together, they co-wrote Kim’s sophomore release “To Love And Be Loved”, a result of numerous conversations about relationships with past and current women in their lives.  With a little more knowledge and a lot more confidence, the duo is currently on tour with these new songs and writing for other up-and-coming artists with “Vince Cirino” proudly printed in every liner note.

To Love And Be Loved” was produced by music veteran Ritchie Rubini and also features guest appearances by reggae-ska sensation The Bullbuckers and Find Vienna’s Ian Walsh.  Available in digital format on iTunes & AmazonMP3 and in physical CD format from Amazon.com, rodkimrocks.com and select Barnes & Noble stores.

The Self-Deprecating Romantic Pop Rock Duo of Rod Kim & Vince Cirino bridges the gap between songs of heartbreak and love with out making you want to jump off that bridge. Rod Kim & Vince Cirino: Mixing the feel & soul of the singer/songwriter genre with a noncommittal love for modern electronic pop.

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