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Case for Pop Music & the Right Song – Catchy Hooks & Skilled Chops.

case for pop music, catchy hooks, skilled chops

Case for Pop Music & the Right Song – Catchy Hooks & Skilled Chops. The Rod Kim & Vince Cirino Self Deprecating RKVC Pop Rock Pop Up Videos.

Case for Pop Music & the Right Song – Catchy Hooks & Skilled Chops.

Hey there! Today I wanted to defend a case for pop music. While most of us are no stranger to catchy hooks that come on the radio, some prefer skilled chops in other genres such as blues or jazz. I don’t believe they have to be mutually exclusive. Let’s face it: there are great pop songs and there are terrible pop songs but there are also great jazz tunes and terrible jazz tunes. What a lot of music comes down to since its beginning is the uncanny ability to connect to a listener in ways that seem inexplicable. At the end of a long day, no matter how incredible or how terrible it was, the right song connecting with you is a really amazing thing. Not everyone can write catchy hooks and not everyone has skilled chops – so in any genre, no matter how it may be judged, the ability to create anything that connects with another being is absolutely amazing.

case for pop music, catchy hooks, skilled chopsIf you need to escape, or maybe even celebrate, the right song and those catchy hooks can quite possibly be the best medicine. This is my case for pop music, but really any genre: If it’s the right song, some skilled chops could be the best medicine or some catchy hooks with a great beat to dance to could help your need to escape. So instead of judging those songs on the radio or another record collection, realize that someone out there really connects with that and that connection crosses all genres. This is RKVC with our case for pop music, whether it be catchy hooks or skilled chops, treasure it closely.

The Self-Deprecating Romantic Pop Rock Duo of RKVC bridges the gap between songs of heartbreak and love without making you want to jump off that bridge. Rod Kim & Vince Cirino: Mixing the feel & soul of the singer/songwriter genre with a noncommittal love for modern electronic pop.
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