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Walking Dead Come Back and Hit List!

walking dead come back, hit list, lifeline, RKVC

Walking Dead Come Back and Hit List! – Weekend Lifeline 10.18.2013 The Rod Kim & Vince Cirino Self Deprecating RKVC Pop Rock Pop Up Videos.

Walking Dead Come Back and Hit List!

walking dead come back, hit list, lifeline, RKVCThe Walking Dead come back reached record numbers with over 16 million viewers for the season 4 debut! “Hit List” the musical featured within the now cancelled TV series “Smash” is becoming a real musical. More song and writers are being added, and details are to be announced as the project develops. Formerly Ark Music Factory, Patrice Wilson and his current company, PMW Live may have another Rebecca Black “Friday” on their hands with Alison Gold’s Chinese Food. The song is blatantly (yet unknowingly) racist and is campy and bubblegum as prior releases by Wilson. The Walking Dead come back also happened the same week Elizabeth Berkley Dancing with the Stars “Saved By the Bell” routine happened. 18-year-old Danielle Curiel both stars as Prince and directs the latest music video for his song “Breakfast Can Wait”. The Walking Dead come back and Hit List becoming a real musical are pretty cool, but Alison Gold’s Chinese Food will leave you absolutely speechless.

Weekend Lifeline with RKVC hopes to keep you up to date on the top trending topics of the week so you can be “in the know” going into the end of the week celebrations. Check back every Friday for new updates and subscribe to the RKVC YouTube Channel for Wednesday episodes of the miniseries #Troublemakers and Monday motivational messages to start your week! Walking Dead Come Back, Hit List & more! – Weekend Lifeline 10.18.2013

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